Spice up your Kitchen Space With Shreya Designs

Home renovations and decorating any space can be a delicate process as you want it to feel as homey as possible while reflecting your personality. But when it comes to a kitchen it needs to be simple as accessibility is key in that space. Hence what you do will have its limits.

Keeping that in mind, experts at Shreya designs have put together few ways to help you infuse your sense of style into your kitchen
  • Color Scheme to bind it all:

A good color scheme can instantly tie a room together and give an aesthetically appealing look. Use the hues already present in your kitchen and add furniture contrasting the same. Top architects and interior designers always begin with a set color scheme while thinking about the décor.
  • Add Interesting Furniture:

You can choose to create visual interest in the space. Go bold and making a statement with the furniture you choose to add to your Kitchen. Interior Designers use a lot of different Shapes and sizes in various combinations to add an edge to the furniture setting.
  • Throw in a Rug : A rug can anchor a room, define it, add warmth, and help layer a room's decor.Rugs are not only used in Living rooms and bedrooms, these can also be added a galley kitchen or beneath a dining table in the kitchen.
  • Wall Art for the win

Whatever your style might be, there are tricks that can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste.The type of art you choose is entirely a matter of personal taste. Choose pieces that work well within your larger color scheme and add personality to your room.

If you feel, you need more help in home renovations, then reach out to expert interior designers at Shreya Designs for a personal consultation.


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